Jinhua to fisheries Info
Began in 2002, Guangzhou Jinhua to fishing tackle trade fair, along with the Golden Flower to mature the pace of market development trend, Jinhua to "work, the achievements of the twenty-second Southern fishing gear brilliant show, the rise of Southern fishing tackle market lay a solid foundation, has become the largest exhibition platform echoes the fisheries exhibition in Beijing, Suzhou in southern China.
Loyal, professional services, fishing industry, Guangzhou Jinhua fishing show, exhibition purposes, she came from industry to industry, appropriate to grasp the needs of the fishing industry, manufacturers, merchants, fishing build a good communication platform is the goal of the exhibition.
2012 Golden Flower to spring fishing gear Exhibition
Fireworks in March to see the Golden Flower bloom
Aspect five "Golden Flower" by Yan
March 22, bustling Guangzhou Pazhou Nakasu Center, in the rhythm of a lively and exciting dance dragon and lion dance, the fishing tackle trade fair of the twenty-second Guangzhou Jinhua had begun.
Show exhibitors digital most of the historical record, Po bears fishing gear, Bao Xiong minoxidil can tackle the North and South, Wuhan Dragon King hated the Japanese fisheries star, the South China Sea in the buildings, the NS, South Korea, the Meishan western wind, Shenzhen blue dragonfly, Hangzhou , Shuiling, Shanghai Shanghai, Zhejiang and Quan Yao, Vicat Laylin, Taizhou Ozzie peak, Shenzhen Ming-feng, Night Queen, Red Cliff Yan Rui, Dongguan Hi Mano, fresh fish shark, Malibu tackle, Ningbo, China can, Quanzhou constant crown and other famous enterprises will all be present to the Hunan the Linxiang float Association delegation to participate in, there are nearly one hundred in recent years, the rise of rookie join us.
Po bears fishing gear, well-known brands in recent years debut Jinhua to show huge booth neat and orderly placed in the new 2012 and Bao Xiong classic enough surprises to the buyer.
In the fishing tackle market in Guangzhou Jinhua to the unremitting efforts, Jinhua to the show from its inception, always adhere to the loyal, the services of a professional Chinese fishing tackle suppliers, for the purpose of consumer services, has been the show is positioned as the latest and greatest in southern China fishing gear professional fairs, and spared no effort to focus, collecting year domestic and international fishing industry, the development of new products to take advantage of the exhibition platform, so their collective appearance.
Pavilion, various exhibits an array of rods, bait, fishing line, nets, rod bag, accessories, tents, fake bait, hooks, shrimp hook, floating with an umbrella, fishing clothing, a flashlight, etc. Fishing related products are readily available. The exhibition of new products of high quality, the number of public varieties, live up the reputation of the world brand fishing tackle factory in Guangdong Golden Flower to show new products to the Chinese fishing gear most concentrated, the largest fishing tackle trade fair is a step forward.
The exhibition also specifically set the Taiwan Area and Hebei display area and the setting of the area to the buyer provides a convenient.
Pavilion, booth of the South China Sea in the Yu Shen Diao eye-catching exhibition at the door of a simulated fishing machines, a lot of fishing people having all the fun, the whole show is full of fun.
Into the modern venues, always feel busy exhibitors and buyers enthusiasm. Organizer buyers from around the country to take the subsidies, those who show buyers, reimbursement for travel and arrangements for accommodation, greatly aroused the enthusiasm of buyers.
At the same time, the exhibition also according to the type of requirements and resources of the exhibitors to buyers outside of the United States, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan and other European countries issued a letter of invitation to expand the team of buyers inside and outside. Inside the exhibition hall at any time be able to see the tall figure of foreign buyers, a nearby resident international purchasing groups to show a bright spot, showing the Pazhou exhibition area's reputation is indeed worthy of the name. The Pazhou convenient transportation, subway and bus in the establishment of the site, greatly hardware support to the exhibition.
The exhibition organizers issued not only invites buyers, and even greater efforts to invite fishing enthusiasts, fishing enthusiasts to enter the exhibition, which greatly increase the show popularity.
With the continuous improvement of people's economic level, the fisherman has expanded steadily, more and more younger. The vigorous development of the sports fishing, fishing tackle trade fair has become the first choice for the promotion of fishing tackle products of various manufacturers. Playing a bridge between the fishing tackle show in the majority of fishing gear manufacturers, distributors, retailers, fishing enthusiasts, and provides an intuitive, interactive platform to promote the prosperity of the fishing tackle market and fisheries development.
Regional differences do special exhibition is one way, such as the Golden Flower show, the most south of Guangzhou in China, the main market Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, the main products for fishing road sub, so that the Golden Flower to show his own soul, and therefore, it can lock the consumer market, and many show quick results in imperfect services and features to work on the long run, the exhibition will be able to escape the ending of short-lived.
The Golden Flower to show we realized that a successful exhibition must do its own characteristics, to do their own personality, and lock the consumer groups, with some regional. One after another the show is able to seize the theme, I believe can bring the market and a few surprises to the fishing tackle industry.